Revisiting the color white


The white cloth that is dressed upon the god, the pure white fillets, the white threads. these please the god Siv-Apollon.

I have addressed the sacredness of the color white before as being a unblemished color and color of purity as we generally recognize it, a heavenly color preferred for sacrifices to the Olympians as the best, but also a color which the ancient Hellenes recognized as being the color of light itself, that which contains all other colors within it that is revealed only through the action of a prism causing refractions.

The sacredness of white suggests not only that it carries all things within it, but that through its division we get multiplicity, in which sense of Saivites it makes perfect sense that white is the color of Siva. Not only that color which he is adorned with but also which is ascribed to him as a god who is white is the jasmine flower (this aside from other less common manifestations where Siva presents himself as red or black). Saivites recognize Siva as being the ultimate reality, through which all things are divided and even as he divides from himself, he is the destroyer of separation and multiplicity, of the illusion of separateness. In Neo-Platonism the function of Logos is very much similar, and by which we find Apollon, even if not stressed as the supreme reality (although some Neo-Platonism does seem to hold a unity of Zeus-Apollon-Dionysos as the ultimate divine being) operating as that which through truth brings unity with God. Here we see regardless of philosophy of what god is a the highest point a similar purpose of Siv-Apollon echoed multi-culturally, that which is expressed in Sanatana Dharma has the great or foremost guru. Even in Vaishanavism we find Siva still in those role even when he is considered a lesser manifestation of Vishnu rather than the supreme reality as in Saivism. In either case we find Siv-Apollon as the god of the law of freedom who destroys the separation between god and men, as Apollon is expressed in Orphism.

As such white is the perfection color, the spectrum filtered, refined, and reunited. It is the purification and sanctity of self and the desire for union with the god even as every particle of light in all its spectrum rejoins the white light of the universe. It is the starry and profound, ageless and timeless. White is the color of pure beginnings, but also the colors of decay and endings as the raw bone exposed. All of which is appropriate it Siv-Apollon

I have been giving serious consideration of adorning myself with white. While I may not dress entirely white (because that just spells a disaster when you have a toddler and because I can’t seem to resist spilling something on myself at some point in the day), I am thinking quite seriously of ropes of white shell or stone beads.

Hail to you O lord. Jai Siva, Khaire Apollon. Hail Siv-Apollon!


3 thoughts on “Revisiting the color white

    • Thank you! It is always in flux and changing in some way or another. I like to think that true life and beauty to a shrine is brought by the gods, but I will still thank for my small part in it 😉

  1. I was very interested in the Delphic Maximxs that you have posted previously a few years ago. Is there any way you can post all of all of them with the translation and the pronunciations. Working on a school project and this would help me out a lot. Or you can email me @ thank you so much for all this info on Hellenism

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