A New Incarnation of my shrine


My shrine is always in flux, always evolving and changing depending how I receive inspiration that it should look. This is not perfect because in my vision the lingam was directly in front of the statue of Apollon, but until I get a wider shrine that is just not going to happen. Much of it was minimal organization. As Siv-Apollon has become more singular in my worship (even if I carry out both Hellenic and Hindu worship at the shrine), it served more purpose to full integrate everything rather than have a separated out ledge as I started out with.

Much to my amusement, as I was pouring libations the earth began to shake rattling the statues and everything else until I finished pouring out the water onto the lingam. Coincidence as it may be, I am going to take that for approval lol. I imagine that the space around it is going to fill up pretty quickly with devotional images of Hellenic and Hindu type. It definitely looks less cluttered while having the exact same stuff.


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