Soul Journeys

Lately I have been studying in a guided lesson plan with Himalayan Academy and I have been weekly attending the local Sri Ganesha Mandir (the local Hindu temple) here in Anchorage. No I am not giving up on Hellenismos by far, although seeing me talk more about Sanatana Dharma may have confused some people on that point (really it is more of an issue that since it is new to me I have more to talk about as I discover things daily haha!). I initially embarked on this journey to acquirer a *bigger* and more thorough understanding of Apollon in syncretic worship in understanding him as Rudra, or Siva. Hellenismos has so many huge fragmented areas that I felt that it would increase my understanding in things I have seen hinted at and ideas I have developed regarding Apollon.

What I didn’t expect what how doing this would make Sanatana Dharma such a huge part of my spiritual identity and the journey of my soul in this life time.  What had been passing acknowledgements in the past, has become engrained part of my daily worship life. The philosophical parallels with Orphism not withstanding, my very experience with the gods has become colored  by their Vedic forms. I can no longer draw a line of separation distinctly, and I am discovering new complexities. Such as discovering relationships between gods and goddesses that I had not considered until seeing them through their Vedic counterparts….or perhaps putting a finer point on ideas that just vaguely occurred to me. A good example of this would be that in Orphic thought Hades, Poseidon and Zeus have been referred to as the three Zeuses, suggesting a common unity between them. Neoplatonic work has gone on to suggest that they operate more or less as extensions of Kronos. It occurred to me some time ago well if that were the case, and given the similar case that seems to be made for Hestia, Hera and Demeter when it comes to Rhea….then there is likely this similar common thread of the heiresses of Rhea. I have connected it before between the sorrow of Hera the widow when she left Zeus, and the sorrow fallow time of Demeter with the loss of Persephone….and while these losses were of a different sort they play along a parallel theme of grief whether spousal or maternal. And both need to be caroused into interacting again in their divine sphere. And then there is Hera renewing herself as a virgin which gives thought to the eternal virgin goddess of the home and hearth. We see between them the throne of Rhea, the consort queen, the wife, the mother and the household all together. The reign of the mother/wife has historically been the domain of the house, the house is she and she is the home. This didn’t really truly hit home to me until I started looking closer at Lakshmi who bears the natures of these goddesses in turn, just as Vishnu bears positive resemblances to the three Zeuses (or at least two of them…I am not sure if there is enough identification there with Haides lol).

For Apollon-Siva and Artemis-Parvati it has brought me to new levels of devotion, adoration and union with my lord, a calm introspective merger within him, and the constant presence of her, who has never left me but is a part of him. Together they are unified whether this be expressed as the householder and wife or the divine twins…they are one together and the same. Her tempered love is there where I could not see it once I became enthralled with Apollon and was “handed off to him” as I like to say. I felt the loss and could not see her and see her love clearly again after that moment until now.

Sanatana Dharma has opened new doors of being, and Hellenismos is always a part of my soul. So I honor them, Siva-Apollon and Parvati-Artemis and give adoration unto them (regardless which order I flip their syncretized names to!) My adoration for my king. Adoration and love.


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