Morning Worship

Although I have always done a bit something in the morning, after I decided to religiously pursue a worship life both in Hellenismos and Santana Dharma, my mornings have been getting busier. I recently saw a meme on facebook which commented on Hindus doing more before 9 am than most do their entire day. The morning worship is a very important feature, something which I have been trying to work more time into, as the intent is a more or less a blessed way to start your day. It prepares your day on a note of spiritual mindfulness, and also reaffirming your relationship to your god(s) firs thing upon rising that they bless us throughout all that we undertake. The Hindu concept of Prasad is also a positive way to beginning your morning in which the first you may consume, even a simple piece of fruit is offered first to the gods and them taken into your body with the blessings of the gods nourishing you. As I am really bad about eating breakfast, this is something I am particularly working on to make a more important feature.

As a Hellenic this includes greeting the gods of the doors that will bestow their guidance and benevolence onto the household before any departs the house to begin their daily tasks. Starting the day with the gods has always been an important thing in my life, although Santana Dharma has added new depth to it. The reason it has been so important has not only been for the honoring of my gods, but also in caretaking of the spiritual welfare of the household, and the standing house construct itself….and if you think I am exaggerating there see how well bugs stay out of your home when you are burning copious amounts of incense every day. Living in the south for a number of years I discovered really quick that burning frankincense resin every day actually helped to repel roaches out of the house I had moved into. Not only that but the very atmosphere of a house that  has a shrine which is regularly worshipped at has a generally welcoming and calm energy, which can be a comfort to the family dwelling within.

I have noticed too that my overall disposition and mood following morning worship will have a stronger tendency to be  pleasant and relaxed, and that I am overall in good spirits having begun my day with acts of worship.

All of this extending from nothing really more than regular morning worship routines.


One thought on “Morning Worship

  1. This is something I need to get better about, too–rushing around getting stuff ready for the school day and trying to convince a toddler that brushing her hair is a /good thing/ has often resulted in some rushed prayers, and that doesn’t feel quite right.

    (I tend not to have breakfast, but will offer libations of coffee or tea and drink the rest similar to the idea of Prasad.)

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