Apollon Karneios Card finished

I now have finished painting the first card for Apollon’s Oracle Deck that I am putting out via the Order of Apollon. This of course can also be made available as a prayer card too. Apollon Karneios represents the fruition of life, that he has sustained living things into their maturity, the beasts and plants for harvest (the harvest of the grape in particular). Fruits are ripe for harvest with many blessings provided, it is the culmination of the cycle and preparing for a new cycle to come again. All-generating Pan and the Nurse/Huntress Artemis stand before him celebrating the bounties of life, happiness, and seeing success and reward for your hard work.



9 thoughts on “Apollon Karneios Card finished

    • Thank you! This is one of my favorite paintings of Apollon I have done. I hope that the other paintings I do for the other oracle cards come out just as well. I am currently working on Apollon Hyperboreios which I am pretty excited about.

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