Plans for the next two Apollon’s Oracle cards

As I am finishing up the Oracle card of Apollon Karneios, I already have sketch drafts prepared for Apollon Parnopios (of the locusts) and a card for Daphne. I also have designs for prayers cards I am donating of Juno Sospita and Diana Nemorensis. And now I have blank canvases. As I don’t really have the funds to replenish my clay supplies (and the back of five canvases was pretty cheap) due to the whole family being ill with the flu for a week and the hard hit it took to our pockets, I am guessing I will be spending a lot of time over the next two weeks painting lol. Hopefully it will see some interesting things to come of it! So that is four plans for five canvases. I have not solidly settled on what I will do with the fifth canvas yet.


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