Ethnic Fraud And Cultural Appropriation In The Spiritual Communities

This is an excellent article regarding culture and spiritual appropriation. As a Caucasian person of generally hodge podge ancestry I can appreciate that while many of us are looking to belong somewhere spiritually that we need to be aware of our intentions and how we approach other cultures. Even in the event that we may be accepted to be part of a cultural or spiritual community does not give us privileges of authority over indigenous people who have accepted us. Those who are wanting to stand on the backs of the culture and spiritual heritage of others and appropriate it for their financial gain or benefit their personal status are an embarrassment from people who want nothing more than to genuinely be part of a spiritual community. We must be very aware of where our intentions rest and to also know our place within cultural spiritualties. Being a part of something is enough without having to try to greedy grab it and make it your own backed up with false claims and bullshit.


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