it’s a god eat god world

I think that this is an interesting way to look at it. I have had the view that syncretism is very effective in understanding the nature of your god through other gods, but also that in a syncretic relationship you are dealing with something not quite the same..that you are also dealing with elements and the nature of the god being syncretized. Whenever I look at syncretized aspects of Apollon, it is still Apollon and yet he changes slightly, an undercurrent of emphasis being placed and an additional layer to his personality and nature. For instance Apollon-Rhesep is not the same as Apollon or Rhesep, but it is them both. A follower of Rhesep will perhaps see the glimmer of Apollon shining, and I see a glimpse of the face of Rhesep. With as many syncretizations as Apollon has it is a big company within him indeed. I can well see how that would apply to Dionysos as well lol.


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