Apollon Oracle Cards in the Works

As one who is very devoted to Apollon I have played around with several ideas over the years. One of them was that I had wanted to make Hellenic Tarot Cards to use for my personal use divination mostly. However, when I started thinking about symbolism for various cards I found I was very stuck on Apollon’s myths and figures as representatives. Now it is all fine and good for doing an Apollonian Tarot, and I was tempted to go that way….but as I started exploring that I found that Tarot cards were more limiting than what I wanted to do. I don’t want to be restricted to a number of cards, and further more I wanted to make cards that told the story he tells through his epithets, myths, lovers and children which doesn’t always neatly fit with tarot cards.

Rather than try to make them fit as representations of tarot cards, it seemed like a far better idea to set aside the tarot card idea (which I may or may not pick up down the road again) and instead work on oracle cards for Apollon. Oracle cards give far more flexibility in what I can do with them. Not only can I work with various interpretations and meanings that are not part of traditional tarot, but these cards can also be included into working decks if one so desired. They can be used in multiple ways. Further more several of the cards can easily double as prayer cards directed towards specific epithets of Apollon and for addressing his children who are likewise deified (Trophonios, Asklepios, and Aristaios to give a few examples).

So far I am probably 1/3 of the way on my Apollon Karneios image. I also have preliminary sketches for cards for Daphne, and Cassandra. As one of my goals for this year is to put out the initial first 20 cards in a core deck (to which five card booster decks can be added later as I make them) I am really excited about this project.

Each card will also be available as a print, and in many cases the original paintings will be for sale with a few exceptions that I plan on keeping such as Apollon Karneios and Daphne lol. I will post up pictures of each card as it is completed as well as a link to where prints will be available for purchase, as well as a single card purchase for those who do not want to wait for the whole deck to be available.


4 thoughts on “Apollon Oracle Cards in the Works

  1. I encourage you in the making of Apollon Oracle cards, as well as your art-work.
    May the Muses keep inspiring your mind & heart with the gifts you already possess.

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