The Poems and Verses of Lykeia

Hail to you O gracious mother of the rolling seas
You dwell in the depths, beyond sea-grass reeds,
Beyond the fishermen’s nets and current’s swell
Enthroned upon crimson coral and pearly shell
Where crystalline sand paints your shining skin
As in bliss you recline upon an iridescent fin
Amid the curtain of abyssal-dark tendrils of curls
Wafting upon a breath, at turn lengthening and furls,
As you nod your regal head to the girth of your womb
From which sweet water ever flows to your maternal croon,
You from whom the wealth of the sea issues forth,
O lady of fish, O lauded mother of supreme worth
Nurturer of children, bringer of joy, banisher of strife,
Hail O briny-crowned Tethys, abundant in life.

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