Apollon’s Black and White Devotional Necklaces

Constructing a devotional/devotee necklace to Apollon needs not to be too complicated; however, it is easy to get side tracked amid although the possible hues and suggested shades that one may wish to attribute to the god. For Apollon this can be any shade of the heavens. Often blue is assigned to Apollon, crocus purple, amber orange. But when it comes right down to it these myriad colors are best concentrated in but two colors (although other colors can be used modestly as a highlight), and that is black and white. Perhaps more significantly the suggestion of all the hues of the heavens and earth as property of Apollon, lord of light, the father of color by saturation of light.  White is the father of all colors in this case.

Whereas white would seem quite practical in these regards, one should use an equal number of black beads to the white beads. This illustrates the unified harmony of Apollon’s nature. Even as light is life, generator and nurturer, Apollon too is the destroyer. He is the black Apollon Agyieus, the protector and averter of evil. He is the dark pillar ward. He is the shade values darkening the pigments, bringing depth and clarity.  Even as he is light, he is the source of light absent of radiance. When Homer says that Apollon in his anger that his face is black, I take this as demonstrative of this quality of Apollon. That the luminance of his grace is also by his power absent when he so desires. Light issues from him, but it does not mean that he is nothing but light. He may shine his luminous beams upon us, or close them to us as he shields the innocent from his most destructive radiance. His darkness is a mercy and a kindness even as the gentler beams of his light which illuminates are sweet and life-giving.

So for a devotee/devotional necklace I would say to make out of a total of 99 beads. Out of 98 of these divide them in half between black and white beads. The 99th center bead is one of your choice. I prefer to use amber as this is traditionallysacred to him and as a fossil is pertinent to his nature. Other options can be a garnet, a turquois, a quartz crystal of some variety and so forth.

I am willing to do these of course and they will be available in my shop in the near future.


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