Lykeia’s Botanica and Spiritual Gifts is Open :)

I have had a rather defunct etsy account for years, that I just never really bothered with after trying to sell a couple of paintings there without success. But I have decided over the last few months to brush it off and get it going again. This will have everything from icons, to votive offerings, oils, candles, incense, devotional jewelry etc for honoring the gods (likely mostly Roman and Hellenic..although on the icons end there will likely be several from other pantheons). As I am just starting it out again it is rather sparse. I have a few small statuettes posted, some prints of a few of my older paintings, an oil lamp with Hestia etched on it.

Although I am based in Alaska I am willing to ship throughout the US and Internationally. For locals though they are free to come pick up their purchases and save themselves some expense.

As I will be weekly updating with new products please do check back regularly! I just may have that item for worship that you (or someone you are shopping for, especially around the holidays, have been looking for!


2 thoughts on “Lykeia’s Botanica and Spiritual Gifts is Open :)

  1. I am so happy to see this! I’m planning on doing a how and tell post when the painting gets here, of all the work of yours that I’ve got — it may be both a video and a blog, come to that! Beth’s painting won’t be in it, because it’s too private, but everything else will be! I’m so, so glad you’re finally doing this! 🙂

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