Scarecrows for Apollon

When I was leaving work yesterday I passed by the autumn decor and saw these cute little stuffed scarecrows smiling from the shelf. Unbidden, it came to my mind that it would be appropriate to give Apollon, lord of pastures and fields, a scarecrow during the growing and harvest season (which is wrapping up).

The reason is rather simple, aside from the crow/raven being a good omen in the Hellenic religion, it is also, by its nature, a bit if an agricultural thief. This by nature puts crows/ravens in a categorical relationship with other crop eaters ( here I am using it to refer to all manners if crops including shepherding) such as mice, locusts and wolves. That which is sacred to him, he also protects us from their destructive tendencies.

That the name of Coronis is so closely linked by her nature to the crow, and given her actions in her myth that brought about her death, said by some to have been by the bow of Artemis, we can probably infer that the nature of this bird acting as a heraldic animal, is a creature that easily transverses the liminal boundaries of death. A bird of the tomb who foresees, and as such sees the ends of all living things. But as such is also a watchful guardian against destructive ends, or rather, untimely ends. We expect that he make take a cut from the crops we spiritually so, but Apollon safeguards against excessive plunder by this devious little bird. For Coronis is liable to take more than what she is permissibly given. The crow and scarecrow is a reminder against the ills if excess. S, now Apollon needs a crow/raven and a scarecrow!.



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