A Vision of Athena

Last night, mindful of my previous post I entreated Athena to reveal how she would like me to know her. This was followed by random images thrown up, some of which did not make sense.

A viper coils in a great nest of serpents

A war crown (similar to a helmet but not completely enclosed at the top with the front stylized like the face of an owl.

A spider spinning her web to entrap her prey

A fishermans net

the bridal veil and death shroud (not new for me)

A flurry of large winged moths

So not a bad start, although the moths mystify me lol




9 thoughts on “A Vision of Athena

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  2. Snakes are often indicators of Athena’s chtonic aspects, if Kereyni is to believed. Personally, I *do* view them as being symbols of her in a chtonic function, but it is an area I need to expand on.

    • Oh I agree, and especially connected to her darker gorgon nature that manifests through the myth of Medusa. I think that this is true in cases where you find an Olympian with snakes. Artemis, Apollon, Zeus, Athena etc

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