The Power of Illusion

As someone who belongs to Apollon I find that I have a great appreciation for illusion. Illusion is the other half of light’s natural influence: to reveal truth and to play tricks with our eyes. As such we find that even by illusions we ultimately find truth, although that truth may not be what we expect. Often the illusion makes us face uncomfortable truths about ourselves. What we truly think, what we feel in our hearts. What we fear. Illusion sheds that light upon ourselves… and that is under Apollon’s domain.

These illusions can come through many avenues. That which we think to have seen from the corner of our eyes, or reflections. The other is the slight of hand of magicians who inspire hope and awe. Even the illusion of miracles may serve this same purpose of inspiration, as well as bringing great feeling if devotion and unification.

The illusion and truth of Apollon is his labyrinth, and it is only by our personal harmonized beings (as such is under the domain of Aphrodite) can be navigate surely. Hail lord of truth, lord of illusion!!







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