Cosmetic Veiling

I am sharing this in prelude to my own post on ritual cosmetic adorning and how it impacted me my first time doing so in my evening ritual last night.

Queen of the Waiting Ones

It occurs to me that some people may be wondering why I wear my makeup in the manner that I do.   I do not usually explain these details to others, but I feel that it may actually help someone who could be wrestling with limiting ideas of veiling.

What is veiling?  Why do it?  And, is the head the only part of the body that can/should be veiled?  While all of these questions will have to be answered by each individual for their own needs, I can give a few examples based from my own experience.

Eye Shadow

Eye-shadow 2Eye-shadow 1Eye-shadow 3

Women of color, such as myself, are often seen wearing very bright and/or metallic colors of eye-shadow in media and daily life.  It could be an aesthetic choice, and as such would be perfectly acceptable, because grown persons may wear whatever they feel comfortable in, as evidenced by the many people who go about…

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