A Devoted Life

From the time since I have become Apollon’s, I have taken up activities, sometimes apparently minor or with little outside observable meaning, that have more deeply tied me to him over the years.

The earliest form has been tattoing. Nearly all of my tattoos tell the story of my relationship with from the wolf pawprint above the breast to the brudal serpent around my wrist. My body has long been a canvas of love, worship and devotion. It is these marks which shall bear in even in my own funerary ends when I greet the end of my life adorned in honor of him.

I also wear my hair long for the unshorn one, representative of the outward extension of the light of my own soul. But it is worn braided like a coil of rope. By which he may seize my soul as surely as he seizes the anchor or bow of a ship. The brilliance of my soul is his by this testament. However when I am out much of my head is covered by a scarf representative of this spiritual sanctity, even though most of the braid hangs outside of it. I loved having small cornrows, but the texture of my hair makes removing them an extremly painful process. So rather than praying as I annointed oil on my braids. I pray to Apollon as I brush out and rebraud the length, as do I when I adorn my scarf.

Even bathing has become ritualustic under the spray if the shower as I cleanse myself. Especially in my bathing prior to the sunset beginning the Noumenia.

Now it is extending to new levels. I have been nudged to adorn my face in a manner similar to the Mycenaean style. I have seen beautiful Cretan images and Mycenaean images before of women beautifully adorned that I felt compelled to imitate and e en in costumery came clise to doing so unconsciously, but it did not really hit home until today when I happened upon a photo of a model with her face so painted. An artful expression of devotion with small rosettes of light addressing the fourcorners from which his winds issue from the very axis of the heavens. By this I move outside the norm of my existance to give special honor to our relationship.

My life is infused with him, and as such is ever more blessed day by day.


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