*Black* Apollon, O destroyer O Fruitful


Apollon, king, lord of my oikos, is presented here on my shrine as Karneios in his primary image. Second to Karneios is his corresponding nature as Lykeios (image not shown as it is needing to be redone). My lord of pastures, o shepherd, is the wolf rending the flesh of the shepherds sacrifice. The wolf rends the ram at summer’s end. Third is Pythios who causes all things to decay and rot that new life may take root. Apollon is the destroyer and nurturer of life, as such I painted his images of my oikos black to represent this part of his nature. The black Agyieus, destroyer of evil. Lord of fertile pastures. So he is black but gold light radiates from him. The locks of his hair, his palms, and even on his chest over his heart bears radiance (latter is covered by his cloak). He is black even as he is white, the color of light bearing all colors. Thus his chiton is primarily white. And his cloak is indigo for the twilight which is his encircling the day.

For the large statue I am looking for a pinecone to fit into his palm to represent the change from summer into winter. His staff though I made as a stylized shepherds crook wrapped around a carnelian I consider sacred to him. Around the top in white are billowing winds which are his.





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