The Roar of Boedromios

My post about the upcoming Boedromia.

Treasury of Apollon

by Lykeia

Entering into the autumn we promptly arrive, just prior to the sacred mysteries of the Elesinia and the Greater Mystery Program, to another important festival of Apollon: the Boedromia. The festival of Apollon as a god who acts as a savior, coming to the aid of men. This would be appropriate for a god who acts as guide, god of law (that which was first established by Ge/Themis), and purifier that he would be so honored just prior to the autumn mysteries of Demeter.

Naturally the mythic background fits the nature of this festival, as we find Athens beset upon by Amazons to recover their queen. Such can effortlessly viewed as a parallel to the myth of the recovery of Helene or the seeking of Persephone. The Amazons in all their fearsomeness advance upon Athens, into the city, and encamped on the aeropagus, the resting place of theā€¦

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