An ongoing conversation has got me thinking in terms of labels… a thing which can be helpful and functional in terms of communication and seeking out and communicating with like minded individuals, but can also be a thorn in the side. I have clung to simply identifying as Hellenic Polytheist just to make life easier and try to avoid the label chasm… but in reality there are many that I have that are part of my identity. It only is worrisome, when we are establishing our identities that we sometimes may seem to be drawing divisive lines of what is, or can be, part of our ” in crowd”. Nevermind that not everyone is going to have the exact same lineup of titles and labels… but this never is considered by the gut reaction.

For instance my series of labels may go forth like this:

Priestess of Apollon
Godspouse to Apollon
Member of The Order of Apollon
ex-streghe initiate
immersive polytheist
devotional polytheist (although I do agree with Camilla Laurentine about this term but we use the word devoted, devotee etc in the english language that it is hard to escape and keep what we are actually intending)
Devotee of Artemis
Adorer of Leto
“daughter” of Poseidon ( not to be confused with literally a nymph or something LOL)
Poet, devotional poetry
Bellydancer as worship
Possessor of interest in theurgy

and many many more 😉
All of this taken together defines the nuances of my worship but it would be a lonely place if there wasn’t room for other versions among my co-worshippers and fellow priests and priestesses.
There is nothing wrong with adopting labels to define yourself, but hopefully we can all work to let them not come between us.


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