Where am I?

It was asked in a group I belong to about what devotional volumes are out there in which we can see the working relationship with the gods. I mentioned my published work and ongoing booklet projects, but then it occured to me, in none if my writing, even here on my personal blog do I really talk about anything personal in my relationship with any of my gods much less Apollon.

It is not that I am secretive nor that my relationship with him lacks any depth. It is more that when I talk of him it is for furthering his worship among others. I have a hard time imagining someone trying to develop and establish worship would be intetested in the relationship I have developed with him over the years. It is also due to the influence of graduating from the university as a history major that I have become used to writing through an academic lens rather than a personal one. I am not present, only words glirifying him.

It is rather startling to think on your writing and have the bewildered question come to mind: “where am I? Who am I in all of this?”

I am the keeper of his shrine, his priestess, his. There should be something of me amid all of this, for every scrap of information I come across, every bit of new inspiration, all of it impacts my relationship… and just maybe that too is worth sharing.

So my challenge to myself: at least once a week I have to write something here where you also see me. This means getting back to doing more regular blog posts, even if is irritating to do from my phone!


5 thoughts on “Where am I?

  1. YAY! It’s too easy to take ourselves out of the equation when we’re talking about Them. Like, “Don’t look at me and what I’m doing, look at Them, the Dazzling, Shining, Endlessly Amazing Ones!” but, I find reading about what others are doing, what their devotion looks like endlessly fascinating and also extremely helpful. So, to sum up, YAY!

  2. I look forward to reading these! I’m a history buff (though my degree is in English), and my favorite history writers are the ones who make history more personal, who put something of themselves into their writing and help me see it through their eyes. I’m an immersionist, I guess. 😉

  3. I hit send too soon, lol. I was going to add: for the same reason, I like seeing the gods through the eyes of the people who love Them, and in order to convey something of that to others you can’t take yourself out of the equation.

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