In the Likeness of God

I read a post today which suggested that the inherit danger of priestood or focused worship of a god is that you become as a likeness of the god, that is, you begin to express traits common to the god you worship. Whereas I don’t really consider this a “danger”, I do think it is factual to a goodly degree. And if we look at Plato I do think that this likeness was observed anciently. Plato is more inclusive though, as he ascribes that each soul expresses those qualities of that god which it belongs to. Therefore, if such was the case, which I happen to agree with, then the qualities of the god are already in place. It would make sense then that the closer we get to the god, the more pronounced those characteristics become. It is to this end that Plato say we are likewise attracted to other souls bearing likeness of the same god, that through honoring each other and the presence and influence of each other that it serves to influence this development at a more rapid rate.

So, if all of this is true, it means that everyone has a natural disposition towards the god that their soul belongs to and reflects. The soul by nature experiences through its evolution progressively increased reflection of its god over long expanses of time. Over lifetimes. In such case devout worship of a god, or becoming a devotee, priest etc of a god would work further towards aligning the soul with its god.

Does this mean that every priest of a god is a perfect expressed mirror of their god? Of course not. We are human, and it takes numerous lifetimes to be able to join with its god and be liberated from the mortal existance. Plato illustrates this best by saying that ever the soul seeks to rise to its god, but because of its mortal imperfections, falls away. Therefore, while you wont find a mortal who perfectly expresses their god ( for if that were the case they would not be among us) but who to varying degrees expresses these traits of the gods their soul belongs to, is attracted to and whom they whole heartedly devote service to. This is but natural.

4 thoughts on “In the Likeness of God

  1. I certainly see this idea as having merit. I know there are traits that I have that I’ve either picked up over the past two decades due to exposure to Poseidon or that I already possessed which acted as a bridge of sorts to establish empathy between us. In my bleak moments, I’ve tried to decide that my moods are too unstable and too wildly fluctuating for Him to have to be exposed to (?!), or that HIS are too unlike my own at times, to which I generally end up getting That Look. That “Do you even know Me? Have you been paying attention at all?” look. I can understand how some might decide that such a thing is a negative thing (depending on the god in question and the person’s ability to navigate these waters) but for myself, I don’t think this is a bad thing.

    • As far as I see it, if a soul belongs to a god then when we are born we already carry their influence. This causes both attraction to worship and is the catalyst for further developing these characteristics in development of ones relationship with their god. So of course you are going to have something of Poseidon within you! 😉

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