Lenaia 2014 part 2

Lenaia 2014 part 2 (2)

Today I celebrated Dionysos with his upright image, wrapped in ivy from his shrine. Unlike the feelings from the previous day of stretching, and awakening, today was quite different of an experience. It was probably one of the more attention catching intense for me than any festivals that I have had in recent history for Dionysos.


Formulaically, there doesn’t seem to be much difference in the way I conducted the ritual. In fact, several of the hymns I read were the same as those from yesterday. Again I read those hymns for Zeus and Hera, and Hephaistos and Hestia who rule this Orphic month. And whereas I ended yesterday with the hymn to Semele, today I began with that hymn before proceeding to the hymns for Dionysos. The hymns I read for Dionysos were the following:

1) Hymn to Bacchus
2) Hymn to Liknitus
3) Hymn to Lysius Lenaeus
4) Hymn to Amphietus Bacchus

Lenaia 2014 part 2

Things got interesting though following the reading of these hymns, and the offering of portions of wine and incense at each hymn read for the gods. It was then that I picked up the small finger drum that was on the shrine. This was a tiny drum that I brought with me from Morocco on my second trip there. It was on this drum that I tapped my fingers at increasing speed, and as I was doing I found myself swaying to the beat and as the rhythm increased my blood sparking and firing. At one point I started to shake hard enough that I slammed the small drum down on the altar in finale, followed by another generous portion of wine offered spontaneously to Dionysos with a cry to Dionysos. It was then that I swallowed down some wine, greedily gulping it down as is not my custom when drinking wine. The cold liquid ran down my throat but did nothing to quench the fire burning inside of me. Such fire I have only experienced in prayer to Apollon regularly, and on only one occasion in prayer to Zeus.

After bringing a glass of wine from the altar to my boyfriend with a prayer to Dionysos, I then reclined in the couch swimming for many moments in a cloud of euphoria while I watched a recording of a comedy routine. This lasted for about a half hour following the ritual.


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