“Name of Apollon” booklet nearing completion

I am happy to announce that my first booklet “The Name of Apollon” is nearing completion. I have some editing to do and hopefully get someone to proof read it. If all this happens in a fairly timely manner I anticipate the booklet to be available within a month or two. Other booklets that are on the way are “Divine Epithets of Apollon”, “Mother Leto”, and “Domestic Worship of Apollon” that should be ready over the next several months. There will be a list of booklets following these for Apollon including “His Father’s Will”, “The Shining Twins”, “The Serpent of Delphi”, among others that shall be released over the next couple of years.
My laptop malfunction this fall put me way behind on my writing unfortunately but I am pleased that I will be soon have the first booklet ready for release.


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