An update type of thing

Recently, unbeknownst to many (really by accident and not design as I had no way to let folks know) I went into a forced absence from the internet. My laptop had decided to randomly stop working. As I had just gotten a new job and the barest glimpse of hope of slow recovery from summer financial woes could be seen on the horizon, the sudden malfunction of my laptop was not anticipated and was greeted with a great deal of irritation. On one hand I have missed working on my writing (both on my blog, in communications with dear friends as well as writing on my booklets), on the other I was so miserably ill from morning sickness that it was perhaps a good thing not having such a distraction, and it gave me some peace and quiet time with my thoughts and my worship. In this time I completed a bust of Leto (complete with frog adorned crown) and reorganized my central household worship area, as well as my worship area for Apollon and Artemis by the doorway. Thankfully my daughter decided to mess with the non-working laptops stacked in my room and out of the blue my laptop started functioning again. So it is a blessing added to those I have gained in not only being caught up on my back rent, and the successful thriving of my mortal relationship (aside from disagreements about incense preference lol), and the health of my daughter, Amber Artemisia, growing in my womb (and as sound and strong as ought to be expected for a child named to the goddess), but now also having this asset accessible again. Therefore I am utterly thankful to the gods for all my recent blessings!

DSC00340 DSC00342 DSC00344


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