Shrine Plaques for minimal space in domestic worship

Recently I have gotten on a huge kick making shrine-plaques. That is my word for an old idea. There are many ancient images which are set up to look like the front of a temple with the deity (or deities)Β of the temple standing within it. I am of the opinion that these probably would have been popular among those who made pilgrimages to holy sites to bring back to worship the god in their homes, or were otherwise just readily available for household worship. I have had two people upon seeing my shrine-plaques in fact compare them with lararium which are a very similar concept. Of course these shrine plaques are far less expensive to make than my statues and also are quicker to make too as they are two dimensional rather than 3 dimensional lol. This is of course a boon to me and customers both because I can make more of them on custom order, I can make castings fairly easily of non-custom order pieces (because I would rather not reproduce something commissioned), the material is inexpensive and therefore the price is kept down. This makes me really excited about this, and judging from reactions, other folks have been getting excited about it too. So far I have 3 made (Aphrodite, Rhea and Apollon with Leto and Artemis), but will shortly be adding to it.

DSC00245As you can see with this shrine-plaque of Apollon, Leto and Artemis the general two dimensional image is made like a relief with a flat back and the figures built up from the base. I typically start with fashioning the frame of the temple first, and only then will I add the figures as it will give me a visual reference of where they will fit. Naturally multiple figures will be a bit more squished together than a single figure, but it is still functional and visually appealing. Also notice that the base as a shelf which extends about 5 inches out.



layout sampleAs you can see this gives just enough room for a small incense burner, a vessel for libations roughly the size of a shotglass, a votive candle, and a small devotional item. Necklaces, ribbons and other adornments can of course be hung from the shelf if so desired. The idea of course is for these to be wall mountable or sit on a shelf as the worshiper desires and their space allows, and therefore to act as compact shrines in themselves without the need of a regulated shelf or table top. In fact, as it was pointed out to me, what makes it so attractive is the fact that it resembles a temple which can be a helpful aesthetic.

RheaOf course, single figured shrine plaques have a bit more room for other details, such as in the case of this shrine-plaque for Rhea where she is accompanied by a lion. These are also a bit smaller than the multiple figure shrine plaques and are therefore a bit less expensive. In this case you can see a difference in that the temple front is narrower. But it is possible to move away from the standard temple look which I did for Aphrodite below in which the heaven’s dome and the foam from which she is born create her “temple”, giving it an entirely different feel and look.



31 thoughts on “Shrine Plaques for minimal space in domestic worship

  1. Reblogged this on Strip Me Back To The Bone and commented:
    Okay, listen. Her artwork is amazing. She makes me very glad that I’m not involved in the plastic arts, because I’d feel extremely inferior with my meager skills, seeing what she can churn out in a day. If you’re looking for devotional art, you need to see what she can do, and then you need to start a dialogue with her, because her work is great. Paintings? Check. Statue? Check! Plaques? Check. Is there anything she can’t do? So far, I haven’t seen it. πŸ™‚ And I attest that of which I know — she painted my Angel and the Hunt painting (which Beth calls the Odin painting, but it’s really all about Angel and the Hunt, you guys) Just, go, and look and see and then buy. πŸ™‚

  2. *bouncebouncebounce* I am _so excited_ to see this, I can’ even begin to tell you. And I’ve been *trying* to tell you for the last day or so. Seriously, spent a decent amount of time at my job trying to plan which one first. Love, love, *love* these. Happy happy happy happy! YAY!!! (No, I cannot be articulate. Tough. Too excited)

  3. Reblogged this on Thrudvangr and commented:
    I am going to consider commisioning a Thor/Jord work from this artist. She is coming highly recommended and I like the work I’ve seen here.

    • Oh yes, even though I am starting with Hellenic there have been several non-Hellenic ideas that have been thrown at me already πŸ™‚ Once I figure how shipping is going to work (should know within the first two weeks of July) for original pieces I will make an announcement about commissions. I would like to avoid casting commissioned pieces if possible to keep prices down on commissions πŸ™‚

  4. Reblogged this on Wytch of the North and commented:
    Lykeia is an amazing artist and I highly recommend her work. We have one of her paintings already (a commissioned portrait of Jo’s dog Angel riding in the Hunt with Odin), and she is currently working on another commissioned work for me, a marital portrait of Odin and myself. We are both eyeing these new shrine plaques as a perfect solution to our limited space for shrines. and I already have several in mind I want to commission (for starters, an Odin one for next to my bed, and possibly a combo one for Bragi, Thor and Loki, since the three of Them seem to enjoy each other’s company so much).

  5. These are incredible, good job! I am so glad you are able to make these, your hard work and eye for detail is stunning. Some day I will commission something from you, your work is just, wow… So awesome.

  6. I’d definitely be interested in purchasing one of these, if you ever did one of the Matrones (and quite possibly other Germanic/Norse figures as well). Do you have a mailing list?

    • I am just getting started on doing these, what you see here are my first three I have done yet. I will soon have a website up and hopefully an etsy store too within the next month or so πŸ™‚

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