Temple of Apollon, Anchorage

Due in part to the large proportions of my shrine that I maintain (and it is ever growing it seems..it has almost outstripped the limits of its table!), as well as for personal reasons of wanting to facilitate the worship of Apollon, Artemis and Leto here in Anchorage, I had decided to open part of my house as a temple of Apollon that would not only provide a place of worship for those who wish to pay worship but either cannot or will not do it within their own homes, and to offer community services in honor of Apollon.

The following are pictures of the temple/shrine of Apollon, Artemis and Leto. Please be aware that the large statues of Artemis and Leto are still in progress of construction, which has been delayed by lack of funds for me to purchase more supplies. Eventually, when they are finished, a larger shrine table will have to be purchased and set up to house all that is displayed here as well as large statues of Leto and Artemis flanking that of Apollon. Therefore these photos are of the temple-shrine as of this date.

DSC00217In this first picture you see the entirety of the shrine. As this temple recognizes and values the syncretism of Hellenic and Vedic religion you will not be surprised to see such elements expressed here in the print of Shiva (Apollon) and Parvati (Artemis), and Shiva Nataraja. The shivalinga acts here too as the upright black stone of Apollon Agyieus upon which libations are poured. At the opposite side of the shrine from the linga is the daimon of Delphi, Delphyne. There are three candles representing Apollon, Artemis and Leto, to each side of which is a classic representation of Apollon and Artemis, whereas in the fore are bronzes of Apollon Kitharados and Kali. In the utmost fore is a incense burner especially made to honor them made from a repurposed bronze vessel decorated with deer, and adorned with a snake from sculpy and filled with sand. It makes minimal mess and is a more stable way to burn incense. My bow leans against the side of the shrine. On a small table off to the side is a sacred jasmine plans with a large quartz crystal and a citrine cluster planted in the soil at its base. This is also where the flute is kept that is played every night in devotion at the close of the day. Unseen is a palm tree just to the side of that table. Just behind the image of Shiva is a fountain which flows continuously at the shrine. The main image of Apollon is adorned in indigo blue and red, as well as possessing a Moroccan dagger (which is just to the west of the sacred land of Libya that was considered a sacred garden of Apollon) and represents his golden sword. Upon his shoulder is a ceramic raven and at his elbow is a small bronze stag, for he grasps and quells the flight of the deer, even as his twin is the deer slayer.

DSC00218The second tier houses devotional and symbolic items. One is a postcard of a raven, as ravens/crows are sacred messenger birds of Apollon. This particular design is particular of Alaskan art in the local traditional design. Just in front of it is a striking bowl which has a turquois disc inside of it which I remove and use to strike the bowl 9 times at the start every service to the gods of this shrine. In the middle are three skulls (one which is a candle holder and two which are handpainted, one in fiery design and the other with crocus flowers that are offered to Apollon in the winter) as decomposition and death are important features for all three gods here honored, Leto with her connections to the underworld in Asia Minor, and both Apollon and Artemis as destructive gods. In front of the skulls are sacred stones and items which include sunstone, carnelian, amber, quartz, ammonite and a clear flattish marble that just appeared on the shrine one day that I decided to leave alone. Just to the side is a unicorn surrounded by the skin of a serpent…both are signs of immortality and divinity and are important as Artemis and Apollon play very significant parts to the end of mortal cycle of the soul. Lastly is a smudge bowl that was made for me with the form of a mouth shaped upon it that is kept for use for purifications. Meanwhile at the foot of the shrine is a tin holding incense, a lyre and a hand-painted drum with Apollon on one side and Artemis on the other made from deerskin.

And this is what worshipers see when they come to give honor to Apollon, Artemis and Leto.


14 thoughts on “Temple of Apollon, Anchorage

  1. In that last picture… Is that a statuette in the style of Battlestar Galactica, I detect? Is that the statue of Apollōn Kitharoidos?

  2. ANd you know, perhaps one day you can build a small temple specifically dedicated to worship in Anchorage, for Apollōn Hyperboreus. Because, you know, if you project the Earth on a flat circle, and put Hellas in the middle, and you orient it northward, then America, and Alaska, technically *are* “Above the North”, as they are further north then the northpole as seen from Hellas on such a hypothetical map. Then again, Apollōn Hyperboreus might also just be considered a patron of the entire (sub)arctic region.

    • I have often considered considered Apollon Hyperborios to be connected with the subarctic region throughout the world myself 🙂 Also some very interesting points to consider 😀 I do hope someday to have the funds available to purchase land and erect a temenos here. Someday!

  3. Your shrine for Him is amazing and so very rich. I am enjoying studying it, right now. It’s a curious mixture of both “ooooh, that’s so layered, so beautiful to gaze upon, just so much” a bit like a treasure hunt, and then also followed up quickly by, “A shrine that involved/stimulating would overwhelm me/am so glad that mine is smaller/less involved.” Beth and I have been talking about rearranging things. We really need to figure out a way to store our books and have them available *and* clear up space for more shrine stuff. I kind of like the idea of putting shelving up on the walls, nearer to the ceiling, to put the books. I’ve seen people do that,and it might be neat . . . or not . . .

    • LOL I have to say that this is the biggest and most involved shrine in my house. And certainly keeping one this big is not practical (or desirable even) for everyone! It size is one of the reasons that prompted me to open Temple in my home since it seemed that if I was going to go big I might as well allow others to appreciate it too lol.

      I like the idea of doing shelves. That is a very nice, compact and out of the way manner to have many shrines without taking up too much floor space. My home isn’t huge either and floorspace is an issue. I would love to do shelves myself at some point!

  4. Even I would drop by to visit your public shrine, and I’ve never had any contact with Apollōn (or any other Hellenic deity). 😛 As you may guess, your altar makes me drool. It’s one of the most beautiful ones I’ve ever seen!

    Also, like you, I plan on having a somewhat public shrine, though it might take some time for it to be visited by “outsiders”. I have this large field behind my house, and I’m going to build a small nemeton – ‘shrine’ ‘temple’ – in it (following archaeological data), once I have the house all for myself.
    It’ll take time, but I might find myself some like-minded people and then we’ll do something together; of course, it will be difficult, since Gaulish Gods aren’t popular in Portugal. If I were Celtic Iberian-oriented, it would be a lot easier to find other people. Eventually, the whole property could become a sort of headquarters for portuguese Gaulish CRs, after my death, since I’m not going to have any kids. *daydreaming*

    • Wow thank you very much 😀 I like to imagine of what I could do if I had more space. I am rather envious of you having land that is yours and available for you to construct on. In that situation I would be more eager to make a small temenos outdoors for Apollon. That is on my someday wishlist though. Even if I can purchase a very small piece of property somewhere, it would just need to be big enough for a temenos and a sacred garden (because Apollon loved his sacred gardens!). I think you have same great ideas! Honestly I am not sure why Gaulish wouldn’t be popular as Gauls were literally Iberian neighbors and it wouldn’t surprise me if there were Gauls in residence, but I wish you success with getting that going!
      There are not many Hellenics here in Alaska either, but I have had people come to my public rituals so there is always hope lol.

  5. You have us both wanting to have public shrines for our respective Husbands, but they would need to be in our yard due to the lack of space in our house. In our current apartment, we have a nice fenced yard, and I already have the beginnings of an Odin garden out there, It will just take some more thought to figure out what kinds of images to use that can withstand the weather, etc; I am thinking a (portable, in case we move) godpole, perhaps.

    • I would honestly love to have something outside but as I am renting it would be rather difficult for me to construct an outdoor fixture myself. But I think the idea of a godpole is awesome 🙂
      Let me know if you guys end up doing any kind of public thing, I would be curious to know how it goes 🙂 And pictures, of course I would want pictures lol

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