Prayer Cards

Apollon Pythios display web friendly sizeI have finally started working on my prayer cards. My first task is to make prayer cards for Apollon, afterwards I will make those for Artemis and a couple for Leto. The idea of the prayer cards is to present a focus of the god (or goddess in the latter cases) in dealing with a very specific epithet, or in the case of Leto who doesn’t have many epithets a general image of worship. I have already completed on prayer card, that of Apollon Pythios. The cards will be available in black and white and colored. I have a sketch also done for the card of Apollon Delphinios.

The following is a list of epithets of Apollon I will be making prayer cards for:

Apollon Pythios–decayer

Apollon Delphinios—of dolphin/delphi

Apollon Daphnaios –of laurel

Apollon Kledones—omens through sound

Apollon Proopsios—foreseeing

Apollon Hekatos—shooter from afar

Apollon Agraios—of the hunt

Apollon Mousegetes—leader of muses

Apollon Paian–healer

Apollon Alexikakos—Averter of evil

Apollon Epikourios—helping

Apollon Boedromios—rescuer

Apollon Smintheios—of the mouse

Apollon Lykeios—of wolves

Apollon Parnopios—of locusts

Apollon Erythibios—of mildew

Apollon Agyieus—of the roads

Apollon Prostaterios—standing before the entrance

Apollon Theoxenios—protector of strangers/foreigners

Apollon Epibaterios—of sacrifice upon disembarkment

Apollon Deiradiotes—of the ridge

Apollon Aktaios—of the coast

Apollon Dionysodotes—bestower of Dionysos

Apollon Patroios—Of the fathers (ancestrial)

Apollon Horios—of the boundaries

Apollon Agonios—helper in struggles

Apollon Amazonios—of the Amazons

Apollon Karneios

Apollon Kataibates—of happy return home (for traveler)

Apollon Intonsos—unshorn/eternally youthful

Apollon Moiragetes—leader of fate

Apollon Nomios—of pastures/shepherds

Apollon Phoibos—shining/bright

Apollon Spodios—of ashes (not the tree but ashes of burnt remains)

Apollon Loxias- voice of Zeus

Apollon Gasepton—of the Earth

Apollon Anax—king

Apollon Kourotrophios—protector of youths

Apollon Hyperboreos

Apollon Kitharoedos—kithara playing

Apollon Phosophoros- light bearer

Apollon Telkhinios

Apollon Zoogonos—generative/producing life


7 thoughts on “Prayer Cards

    • Actually most probably 🙂 I want to take care of this triad first as a temple service, but after that I will likely expand to other gods too, and some of the popular Titans and Titanides. I will probably do a prayer card for Rhea for instance before I even completely finish with this triad 🙂

  1. Gods can came here easy throgh the stone, better marble. Cards are not so useful in this case – not so natural. Statues with classic faces of Gods are the Religion, the Culture of Europe and all North. Thanks for Father,s Will.

    • I wouldn’t say necessarily stone, though stone is what we have mostly surviving. Statues have been made from terracotta (clay) of which there have been fewer surviving artifacts, and Pausanias mentions more ancient wooden statues. As a sculptor I agree for the preference of statues but also recognize that not everyone has the space or the ability for perhaps familial reasons to have statues. Myself, my home is loaded with statues, alabaster store-bought ones and ones that I have made myself, but that is mainly because I am in a position where I can have them. There was a time, however, years ago when I had to live with family members and didn’t have such.

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