PBP: E is for Everyday Rites

So I realized that accidentally messed my alphabet up and did H out of order with the rest. So if you are confused, that is what happened. And so you wont’ see an H post later because you already got it πŸ˜›

The idea for E is entirely cribbed from a blog I follow, here, because I thought it was a pretty awesome idea for the E entry.

Despite how much noise we all tend to make about major festivals and occasions, the real heart of the religious experience lies in the oikos, and what we do on a daily basis. Now I follow a fairly rigorous domestic calendar which breaks down to honoring different gods on different days, but in this post I am going to set that aside and focus on the things that I literally do *every day*.

Because I bathe the night before (not only because I get up so early for work, but also because living in an subarctic environment going to work with wet hair is..well..crunchy to say the least) it cuts down on what I have to do after first rising. I take care of my personal hygiene things right away and will include washing my hands and face, and washing off my legs and feet with a damp cloth. Depending on how crunched I am for time (such as if I stayed up too late the night before which resulted in hitting snooze on my alarm for an hour) I will change directly into my work clothes. However, if I have time and got up early enough I will dress in a clean kaftan. Thus clean I will light incense on the household altar for all the gods of the household and all the Olympians in general. I then progress to light incense on each of the major shrines of the household, most particularly at my largest shrine dedicated to Apollon. Of course this means that the air is pretty heavy with incense, and the smoke is clinging to me pretty well too since i am amid all of it. Typically at the shrines and altar I just make a general prayer for the blessings of the gods upon the household for the day, but at the shrines by the door way for Hermes, Artemis, Hekate and Apollon I specifically ask them for their protection of the house and to draw prosperity and good fortune within of the course of the day (the former is particularly directed to Apollon and Artemis, and the latter to Hermes).


I only ask for it during the period of the day as it is a daily ritual it isn’t necessary to go really long term. And in any case it doesn’t seem very classy to give an offering once and expect the gods to take care of you and yours with no further worship paid except when the mood strikes. Therefore every day I renew my offerings and renew my prayers. In the evening I do the opposite, following my shower, by thanking them for their blessings throughout the day, and thanking the gods of the doorways particularly. In each case my daily ritual tends to consist of a simple offering of incense and lit candles, although I do occasionally give libations of liquids such as pure water and sometimes coffee to those gods that seem to appreciate it. In any case it is done twice a day, and sometimes I will visit my shrine to Apollon a third time if I come home during the midday for my lunch break. Whenever I come home I simply place incense on the shrines of the doorway gods to honor them for my homecoming as a small thanksgiving and acknowledgement of my passage through their doors. This doesn’t include impromptu offerings and expression of devotion to Apollon whose shrine I most regularly frequent during the course of the day. As can be seen in the above picture, I can feel inspired to visit his shrine at any time of the day or night. The picture above was taken around 11pm.

Typically most of my prayers also tend to impromptu for daily rituals. I only break out the composed verses and traditional hymns when I am doing full ritual for some special occasion, or if I am feeling particularly motivated to do so. But usually I just go with what inspiration is bubbling up inside and compose something on the spot from the heart to honor and greet my gods.



4 thoughts on “PBP: E is for Everyday Rites

  1. Mine are a bit simpler, even than these, because they mostly involve only Poseidon. Depending on the day, I’ll include others, but mostly, Poseidon. I’ve actually only recently started tending the shrine both day and night instead of just in the morning. Funny, how it makes such a difference.

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