Delia/Thargelia submission 3

Rising effulgent Lord Apollon of Light,
Delian God of Prophecy and all that is right,
We glorify this day marking your birth,
In hopes that you will bless planet earth!

Sunny Delos is Thy native land,
Upon whose shores, Hera laid no hand.
Thy Mother Leto escaped her wrath here,
And gave birth to Thee and Thy Sister dear!

Forgive mankind for our our faulty ways.
Listen as we laud Thee with righteous praise!
Without your blessing, we cannot survive.
Our crops will fail, nothing else can thrive!

These first fruits of earth are truly Thine,
Phoebus Apollon, who art divine!
Bless all who celebrate today!
Visit our dreams in Thy astral way!

Lift my heart when I am sad,
With Thy music make me glad!
Before the Gods, may I commit no crime.
Purify me, wash away miasma and grime!

Pythian Apollon, friend of Hyakinthos
Son of Zeus, look down from Olympos
With joy in our hearts, we celebrate
Thy noble birth we adulate!


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