Delia/Thargelia submission 2

When this tidal wave comes, My Lord,

(Power  most inhuman,

Blinding Light that shatters every pretense,

Compassion that melts every barrier,

Strength that devours every opposition,

Pride that shuns every defeat)

I won’t fear Yours steps or Your voice.

I will follow Them instead,

Although everything in me trembles before Your vastness,

And I will sing Your name with joy while I stand in Your shadow.


I know, although your ways may be harsh and your paths winding,

Your heart would shelter mine if I was to fall.

So guide me, most victorious god,

And breathe Your inspiration on me.

Gentle, Your rays will reveal  the truth in Your riddles,

(only in due time, I remember)

But only if my mind is open and my spirit steady in its pursuit.

I will keep ready, only aware

That Your wise hands never deal a challenge I can’t overcome.


I will hail to Your grace and Your terror

(so essential, both, to One who holds the Balance like You do )


I will hail to You,

Golden Prince,






Wild Wolf.


(So slice my heart open, slowly  –

You know it’s Yours to forge fiercer)


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