Beth made for me some lovely cords, two of which are for my ceremony next month, but the primary two are accessories for Apollon’s statue. I highly recommend her fine service. She truly makes quite beautiful products as you will see in her pictures 🙂


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  1. Those are beautiful! Also, the closeup of the statue is very nice. You’re so talented, I love looking at your work. I went to check your art website using the link on G+ but it doesn’t work anymore. Are you still selling artwork and is there a new site for that?

    • I have a page on FB only currently. I am still selling mostly through that and just private contacts. Selling through online services such as etsy and ebay have done absolutely nothing for me so I stopped using them rather than waste the money.

      • Ah, that makes sense. I had an etsy store once, for a couple months. It wasn’t worth it, there’s just too many stores to sort through when people are looking for something.

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