Lacking sense of good humor

I mentioned a particular post, in my post on Ares and Feminism, a post which not only insulted Ares, but in her comments she further went on to call Zeus a chauvinist rapist male pig who came from the warlike people of the Caucus into Hellas and forced, the Great Goddess, marry him (which made the goddess, according to her, naturally bitchy because who wouldn’t be leashed to Zeus), to which I again replied to her with a string of facts just as I had done before to her original article. Now I wasn’t the only one replying to said article because other polytheists, many of us feminists are ourselves, were replying, and unfortunately some ladies had their comments deleted by this author. Of course now we are the bad guys. The authors latest reply was that we should all “lighten up”, and that she is feeling reading our comments like she has a person at her door with a pamphlet. That her article wasn’t meant to be scholarly but rather about how a god helped a Dianic witch.

Ok look, nothing irritates me more than trying to pull the injured party card after throwing forth a lot of insulting and ahistorical information and presenting it as fact. When you present it as fact, you are making a statement that what you are saying is reliable information about the history of the gods and the religion. You can’t then going crying that your “Learned Commenters” are now being bullies and trying to force religious doctrine down your throat for correcting the misinformation you have spewed rather aggressively against our gods. In fact to expect otherwise and to receive nothing but nods of agreement is absurd. She had to have figured that people who worship these gods she is slandering could get wind of what she is writing and respond unfavorably to it. Now if she had kept her insults to the gods out of the piece and had stuck with how nice Mars was and how helpful and how the gods do have potential value to a Dianic witch…well she probably wouldn’t have heard shit from the rest of us. We would have most likely collectively said “oh that is nice” and been on our way.

However to say that we lack good humor and need to lighten up because we took her insults and misinformation presented aggressively on a public forum for what they were…and to compare our attempt at damage control against information that is being presented publically and could be accessed by people who are taking her words at face value and are otherwise uninformed as being like door to door evangelists is beyond the pale. I am sorry but I am not going to just laugh her comments off “oh teehee that silly Dianic got her facts wrong”. No I am going to correct the misinformation. It is not like I don’t do it politely enough. But to act injured because you are being corrected for spreading misinformation, and suggest that there is something wrong with those of us who justifiably reacted, well it is not cool. If you are going to spread malicious opinions about someone else’s gods, expect the other shoe to drop.


15 thoughts on “Lacking sense of good humor

  1. I really don’t understand others’ need to insult anyone’s God(s). If you don’t like Him, Her, or Them? Avoid Him, Her, or Them. It’s so beautifully simple!

  2. That comment about Zeus riled me up a bit. I’m kind of trying to avoid thinking about it, so my blood doesn’t start to boil. Yes, according to the myths he likes the ladies. But in my few dealings with him, Zeus has been a really cool god. I don’t get “chauvinist racist male pig” from him at all. I mean, I can understand why some people wouldn’t like him, but I’m not sure I’d want to sling around those kinds of insults about Zeus. Or any deity. It’s asking for trouble not just from worshippers, but possibly from the deity involved.

    People who’ve been caught out love to take the “lighten up” stance because it makes their detractors look like meanie poo heads. There are probably some things pagans of various stripes could take with better humor, but there are also times when you just have to put your foot down and clear up the misinformation.

    I suspect there’s an element of embarrassment involved, too. All my sympathies fly out the window, however, when a person responds by playing the injured party card, telling people to lighten up, etc.

  3. I’m having a really hard time figuring out how I’m supposed to lighten up over being directly told that as someone who worships Ares, I must be out of my mind.

    I must be missing the joke.

  4. I am continually grateful that my relationship with Poseidon developed as it has . . . or, I guess, I should say, I am continually grateful that I have a Thinking Brain, and had one, even half my life ago (er. more than half my life ago at this point) when He popped up and I had very little learning on the Greek . . . well, anything. Myths, cults, culture, history, etc. (I am of Northern European descent [except for the Mediterranean bits I just found out about recently] so I was supposed to be interested in All Things Celtic, dontchanoo. Poseidon didn’t really go along with that, alas . . .). I knew of rape stories. I also knew a lot about ostracism, prejudices, the harm of jumping to conclusions, and most importantly, that Poseidon was kind, gentle, compassion, and saved my life. I was willing to go on what my experiences with Him were and dismiss the darker bits of His myths until I was ready to dig into them. (And hey, lookit word evolution and societal concepts and the unclearness of translation and then metaphorical stuff, too!)

    I suspect Zeus’s folks have a bit of experience with that, as well. And it’s unfortunate. And, stuff. Feh.

    • Unfortunately I think that the majority of Hellenic gods get crap somewhere. There are a few exceptions such as Dionysos and Pan who both seemed to be pretty popular all around, even among these sort of feminists. But for a lot of gods there is usually some point that gets them some undeserved bashing from some quarter.

  5. You’d think a feminist of all people would realize how upsetting and derailing “lighten up – it was only a JOKE,” is. (We get told this all. the. time. when we call out rape “jokes” or respond to the tired “get back in the kitchen!” statements.) But, I guess went you’re insulting gods all bets are off! :/

    I was upset went I saw that post the first time – and then it got worst in the comments. e.o You and everyone else who defended Ares deserve a round of applause.

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