Shrine of Apollon

So for the curious here is an updated photo of my primary shrine to Apollon in my oikos. You will notice syncretic elements of Apollon and Shiva…this is all highly intentional. Perhaps it is more accurate to say it is my shrine of Apollon-Shiva 😉 It will doubtlessly continue growing but I am rather happy with it at its current incarnation.



6 thoughts on “Shrine of Apollon

  1. Beautiful. I’m just starting to set up permanent shrines in my house, and I like seeing what other people have done for theirs. It helps inspire me since I’m not a very artistic person, and I love the way this one is so obviously personal and shows your relationship with Apollon instead of just generic images.

    • Thank you! I think that is great you are looking at shrines for inspiration, because sometimes it gives us good ideas of what works well for us (and what does not) before we investing ourselves in stuff. The most important thing is keeping it meaningful to you. I actually have a few things that I put on the shrine after the photo was taken that I had forgotten to add (so not visible in this photo). I have two generic statues of Apollon…one common one of the god with his bow, and a small bronze one that was given to me when I visited Delphi), but the statue aside (which if we buy statues rather than make them or commission an artist to make them tends to be the case) a shrine should have components that are meaningful to one’s relationship with him. I have a fountains because he has many sacred springs….especially that of Kyrene whom I venerate as a wife of Apollon. That I add this detail doesn’t mean that others will because the fountain may not have as much meaning to another person. You can never go wrong if you are doing what is meaningful to you. And sticking with what is meaningful means that you are also less likely to clutter the shrine with meaningless junk lol.

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