sculpting Apollon and other renditions

As an artist I typically make more artistic devotional representations of Apollon than any other god. This is for a reason, because the writing of hymns and creating images is part of my Work in his honor. I am not a seer, and I only dabble with medicine in the form of herbs, nor am I some great musician etc. This is the primary form that my work for him manifests, by creating things of his worship that can be utilized by others, and in this fashion also sharing my vision and understand of him. For those who are newer to this blog, there is a link to the right that will take you to my poetic blog The Poems and Verses of Lykeia under my websites. While I do write devotional poetry occasionally for other gods, it is always under his inspiration and guidance….and there are far more poems there than for any other god truth be told!

When I sculpt or paint him there is a difference than how my poetic offerings manifest. With poetry is actually rather simple, I connect ideas and create forms through various ideas via inspired verse. This is direct and manifests fairly quickly. A piece of art is another matter. An ink drawing is perhaps the simplest because it is black and white and deals with simpler expression via the pose of the god. I convey everything in light and shadow and in the form of his depiction. On the other hand a painting requires much patience and also a complex work with what hues I will use that are particular to conveying his nature in the painting. I must take the simple expressions that I would use in a drawing and add layers of meaning to it through the use of color. Sculpting takes this one step further because I also paint the sculptures. Therefore a sculpture not only has the elements of the other two, but is three dimensional, with each angle speaking of the god. With more complex statues this can include symbolism at each side, but even in the gestures of a simple statue this can be a difficult thing as the form is directly conveying my vision of the god, and as such each gesture and line of the body in a statue is very particular to expressing the nature of the god. This is more difficult with gods I am not familiar with for this reason, because I am not making something with which I have a familiar impression of the god involved. But for Apollon, the familiarity manifests in very similar images. The paintings are similar, and the statues are similar. My representations of him are rather identifiable as coming from me just by the details I use to convey his presence. Every work is unique but at the same time it is familiar and contains a thread of sameness through each piece that if every piece I created were put together it could be observed that there are slight divergences (even more so with my one anthromorphic statue of Apollon Lykeios) but that despite the uniqueness that comes with original pieces, there is an underlying unification between them all in which when placed all together one could seem them as expressions of the same god. And this can be found most clearly not only in the posture, but mostly in his face, and expression carried thereon which is the focus of worship. For the worshiper would gaze upon the face of god represented more than anything else, and that this is where the singularity of my multiple devotional peices of art can be found is very meaningful for me as it confirms for me that every move of my fingers and hands that created this is part of what I am meant to do. This is my Work for him.


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