Anthesteria–Day 1 Pithoigia

First off I must wish all of my readers a most wonderful, joyous and blessed Anthesteria. Starting from sundown last evening and until sundown tonight is the first day of the three day festival. I won’t get into the history of Anthesteria, because Elani did a really good job of covering it here.

Anthesteria day 1

I didn’t do ritual last night but rather I drove across town during my break to have the ritual this morning (it is really a good thing that I typically get 2 and a half hour breaks Fridays). But last night was spent in a more internal spiritual manner. As I had said in my post about Lenaia, there is a personal spiritual component to these festivals of Dionysos and the wine essence that is being created within the soul over the course of lifetimes. And so I spent some time meditating inwardly on the spiritual wine, which I began by going through memories have particular profound moments of joy and touches of the gods in my life. I then finished up the evening by watching a touching comedy starring Morgan Freeman about a disabled writer and his friendship with a neighboring family. I laughed and I teared-up at the sentimental parts. For me I felt like this was a lovely way to begin my Anthesteria. And then tonight for the beginning of the second day, I will be partaking of wine and toasting the god Dionysos (my daughter will get sparkling grape juice) I will also buy some new flowers for the altar, and following a suggestion made by Elani I will cover my household shrines for the remainder of Anthesteria.

Hail Dionysos!


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