a special time

So I am arranging for a special ritual, probably for sometime around the end of April when the trumpeter swans are migrating back and the snow will be mostly melted. A time of beginnings in a way as Aprils tend to be here with daffodils and tulips occasionally making their appearance. I am warm all over and giddy with excitement, a kind of euphoria is in the air. I have chosen my color schemes (Mediterranean blue and sunset orange) and have set myself to gathering what supplies I have determined will be necessary. Just today I was at the store and I was looking at some orangey roses thinking of how lovely those will look on the altar. It was tempting to go ahead and buy them, but they certainly will not last that long! I also looked at handfuls of fresh bay leaves sealed in a container but our stores in this country have a habit of bait and switch…as in it is not the original plant but rather an American substitute that supposedly has a vaguely similar aroma and taste as laurel has. Still I contemplated them because I would love to have fresh laurel leaves for the occasion.

Needless to say that this shall be a grand occasion with sweets from the bakery and champagne maybe or a really nice red wine. I shall put a bit of effort into my own appearance going with the color theme, including flames hennaed on my palms and a new tattoo that is being scheduled…a small delicate serpent in said colors to go around my wrist. I am still trying to decide what kind of music I want. When I was in the store there was a sample playing from a cd called Zen garden or something along those lines that I fond rather uplifting and beautiful. But I really haven’t decided on anything concrete there.

In a sense it feels as if there is so much to do for this occasion, and yet at the same time rather than being stressed or trying to figure out how I am going to get it all together, I feel like I floating blissfully bathed in warm light. There is stuff to gather and stuff to make, but it is all good. And I can’t wait.


8 thoughts on “a special time

    • it is remarkable how often written word can’t really adequately share feelings, and yet sometimes it can. I am so happy to have some many folks feel a sense of happiness and excitement from reading this 🙂

  1. Were it that we could all, always, approach these things with a knowing of all that needs to be done and yet the serenity that comes from knowing it *will* be done. I am so very happy for you.

    • You are quite right, I don’t often approach things with much serenity but this happens to be one of my better moments. Maybe some of this will rub off and be a more lasting approach haha! Thanks 😀

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