Pythian poetry contest

In honor of the Pythian games, I decided that I will do a small contest, everyone is just getting forward notice to get the creative engines rolling heh. Following the festival Polypthous in the month Bysios we have the Stepteria, the crowning festival in which the death of the serpent Delphinia is recreated and the exile of Apollon, followed by his return (represented by a young boy acting as the…(tharr be more) god) carrying laurel boughs cut from the sacred tree to the Tempe Valley. This branches were used to make the crowns for the victors during the Pythian Games which would, unlike the Olympic games, have been spring games associated with this sacred time. Therefore I am setting the first day of spring as the event for the Pythian Games which would have occurred by my reasoning in the Delphic month Theoxenia. As the games were originally contests of paians to the god, I am putting forth a poetry contest of poems in honor of Apollon. Entries will be put up on I Worship Apollon and at my blog from now until March 21st. On that day a poll will be put up for voting. The winner shall receive and ink drawing of Apollon. You can send submissions as an attachment through facebook or email them to me. Feel free to contact me with any questions. This is an international contest.

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