Something worthwhile to read and pertinent to the worship of the gods, particularly in the case of Apollon who often acts in capacity of purification and is himself a pure god in nature.


Again an ‘open article’, to which new particulars will be added from time to time…

Contamination-miasma-breaks the relationship between Gods and men, and the purification restores it, restoring also the natural course of things. The ceremonies of purification have the general name of ‘katharmoi’, whose task is to restore the religious order, either daily or in specific circumstances; ‘katharos’ means clean, tidy, both in a concrete and in an ethical sense- from which results that any material purification has no meaning if, together, we do not purify ourselves inwardly through the constant practice of the rules of Eusebeia. For example, the couplet written at the entrance of the temple of Asklepios at Epidaurus: “Those who enter the fragrant temple must be pure. To be pure means to have holy thoughts” or “may ritual and moral purity be present at the perirrhanteria and beyond the doors of the temple. ”

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