Spiritual self

Well surprise surprise for once it is not a post directly about Apollon or any of the theoi. While religion and worship is a big part of the spiritual identity, there are things that we do to find harmony within ourselves that may not be so directly tied to them, but focusing more on our own souls. I often try to combine these activities with devotional practices of worship, such as in the case of dance, and even some forays into mask making (largely with the intent to use mask in dance), but sometimes it is not quite so clear cut.

For instance I am fascinated with meditation and even the Japanese tea rituals, things which have no real connection to the theoi but seem to be beneficial to the well being of one’s spiritual body. Granted some of these activities can be linked to my worship practices. For instance my interests in meditation and yoga can be easily added to my devotional practices for Apollon, and my more recently new-found interest in the spiritual aspects of taking in tea I can easily apply to many goddesses but personally feel that it is more appropriately aligned to Aphrodite and Hera. But I am not doing them so much because these are things that can be done for the gods, I am doing them for myself while putting an address to the gods attached to them. Therefore the order of significance of what I am doing is fairly reversed as with most things I do the purpose is foremost for honoring the gods. In these things, like with regular exercise, something I have been engaging more in, is first dealing with the personal well being foremost even if the activities can be patroned by one or more gods.

Therefore I am putting more effort these days into the aforementioned things: exercise, meditation, spiritual tea practices (something I am working at learning more about)…this though does not disclude my other activities either though 🙂


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