Apollon’s shrines

I actually have a few different shrines, or places of worship, for Apollon in my house. At the front door I have a space set up for Apollon Agyieus, Artemis, Hekate and Hermes. At the hearth I have Apollon with the other Olympians as a general household altar. Near the hearth is the main shrine of Apollon for the house with the large statue I made of Apollon along with the dancing figure of Apollon. In my bedroom is a personal shrine for Apollon for my prayers before bed and upon waking. This latter one is still developing. It is where I have my divination tools and more personal items in contrast the simpler big shrine to him in the living room. I am also planning a very specific statue of Apollon for this personal shrine in my room of Apollon Lykeios, the first form of Apollon I ever worshiped and one of the most important epithets of Apollon in my worship and life, and in this region where I live (Alaska).

My personal shrine is where I can play the most so to speak. It is not used by the household or even approached or seen by visitors coming into my house as it is established in my personal room. This also means that I feel free to go from more traditional representations of Apollon in art, and go to my first icon images of Apollon I created as Lykeios. Even though I know that the hellenic gods were characteristically not depicted with the heads of animals, but rather taking the full forms of animals, I find it more symbolic to do this though and make Apollon Lykeios as a wolf headed god as I depicted him in my youth in a painting I had made as his first icon.

When it comes to household shrines I do think the way they manifest has something to do with how they are being used. The shrine of Apollon Agyieus among the doorway gods, and that of Apollon with the Olympians at the hearth, are quite simple as they are used for quick daily offerings. the larger living room shrine and the personal shrine though develope differently because they serve as a further focus. In all liklihood something similar will develop for other gods in the household over time. It wasn’t too long ago, in my youth, when Artemis had the largest shrine in the household. So we shall see.

Now that I am not moving around so much and plan on staying put, I imagine that things will develop much more. Though my home may end up being more shrine than living space in the end LOL.


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