Inspiring blog award

I was rather pleased to see that I had gotten the Inspiring Blogger Award from Seastruck by the Crossroads. Click at the link to visit her wonderful blog!





It is always wonderful to know when you writing is valued. So I suppose it is time for me to share the love 😉

The award guidelines require me to:
1. Display the award certificate on your website.
2. Announce your win with a post and include a link to whomever presented your award.
3. Present seven awards to deserving bloggers.  Create a post linking to them and drop them a comment to tip them off.
4. Post seven interesting facts about yourself.

I would like to say that the people I follow are all blogs that I find enormously worthwhile so selecting for this is very difficult for me. Columbine’s blog would be high on my list, except she just got this with me so I will just say that she is very deserving of the award she got 🙂 So without further delay, here are the blogs I am awarding.

1. Henadology
For always been a valuable academic resource for Hellenic philosophy.

2. Naiadis/Jo
Because her writing of Poseidon has always been inspirational and illuminating in many ways for a god that has few surviving rituals and little knowledge left to us about him.

3. Pete Helms
For his inspiring posts on Ares, warfare, and Hellenic religion.

4. Smoke from the Temple
For her riviting posts and insights on Hera!

5. Ridiculously Reverent
For her enlightening posts on hinduism and devotion to Indra

6. 4ofWands
For Aj’s fascinating and diverse collection of projects, posts of her insights and devotions to Zeus.

7. Apollodoros
For his many posts on Hellenic religion in general that are quite informative.

And now for the seven facts about me, and this is going to be the hardest part lol:

1. I was born on an island in the southeast rainforest of Alaska, where I spent subsequent summers growing up. As an island baby the first real divinity that I have real memory of having a feel for was god of the seas, aka Poseidon. Much of my summers involved swimming, salmon fishing and watching lightning over the ocean.

2. I am addicted to coffee. Not black coffee though, I need plenty of cream and sugar in it! No day is complete without coffee. However, it isn’t the caffeine, since caffeine has little effect on me. It is just the experience and taste of coffee. There is just something comfortable about it 🙂

3. I love cats, everything from small housecats to large felines. My favorites are the leopards and jaguars…and I am fond of lion motifs. Among housecats I love siamese despite the awful noise lol. I just feel a sync with cats and appreciate their beauty.

4. I enjoy wearing kaftans at home. Though arabic, the style is so similar in fundamental style to ancient Hellenic clothing that I find it not only beautiful, but also find it flattering on my person, and comfortable to wear. It is especially nice for ritual when I prefer ease of movement.

5. I cover my hair when I am out and also during ritual. Since I don’t have very textured hair I wear a tube underscarf under my head scarves. I have a white and gold silk one I wear for rituals, and a variety of different colored scarves of various types of cloth for my daily out and about stuff. I only informally let my hair down when I am at home and not planning on going anywhere. I do plan on implimenting the use of a himation in rituals but I don’t do it very often yet.

6. I love astronomy but utterly fail at it. Aside from being able to recognize a few constellations and a solid understanding of the lunar cycles (which is really elementary science so duh there), all it took was a high school level Astronomy class that I barely squeeked by with a C in to realize that I had difficult grasping some of the more complicated concepts…and of course not being good at math didn’t work in my favor either.

7. I have a BA degree in History, with a minor in Literature, graduating with a 3.56 GPA. It is utterly useless in my day to day life since I drive school buses, but I have found it helpful in my writing and research. Some of my favorite subjects were Philosophy, Sociology, Humanities in the Arts, Music History. Though college hasn’t done much for me career-wise, I did find that it enriched my life, so I can’t regret the mountains of debt I have because of it.


3 thoughts on “Inspiring blog award

  1. Is it terrible when my first response is: oh crap! I need to write another post! *lol*

    Seriously though, thank you! *sniffle* THis might be my first award. Squee!

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