Calling Polytheistic Authors!

I am putting out a call to authors, or those who are looking to publish, in the field of traditional polytheistic religions (which includes, but is not limited to, Religio Romana, Khemeticism, Hellenismos, Celtic Recon, Hittite, Canaanite, Heathen, and many others). As we all know, the publishing venue for books of polytheist traditions tends to be difficult and rather limited as we struggle to find our publishing niche. Difficulties are often present when competing against a numerous pagan and wiccan authors. Our alternative, self publishing, is not always as rewarding as we would like it to be as we lack editorial support and reviewing, help with layout, not to mention the difficulties of making our work known to a potential reading audience. .

Yet, sometimes when there is not a resource readily available, it is up to us to create one. This means we wont’ have to go it alone, but rather band with fellow polytheistic authors to create a private publisher, preferably through which has search engine exposure, in order to reap the words of community as well as the freedoms of self-publishing. Likewise, as a collective group of authors we can avoid the pitfalls of those who publish by small private publishers which require paying editing, and can instead create a friendly environment of community editing and critique, each member contributing the editing process with the understanding that the same consideration will be given to their own work. This will likewise allow us all to keep the entirety of our profits from the sales of our books, with each author possessing the necessary log in information to track the progress of the sales of their books.

Of course the success of such an endeavor will depend on everyone bringing their A-game to the benefit of the community. Some people are skilled in marketing, others in web design, others again in art, and so on. And of course, it would be everyone’s responsibility to make mention of new books that have been published on their blogs and networks.Β  By providing a pool of resources we can each accomplish what we desire, and have a resource that is devoted to sharing and preserving the polytheistic traditions gathered together in a singular convenient publisher devoted to traditional polytheism.

Please leave a note if you are interested to be included in this.

12 thoughts on “Calling Polytheistic Authors!

    • Wonderful Anne! We will probably set up a list somewhere on facebook or something to get us all conglomerated in one spot heh. I think a book on your analysis of the Delphic Maxims would be a fantastic addition! And I am pretty decent at proof reading long as it is not my own material apparently πŸ˜‰

  1. I am interested πŸ˜€ E-mail me the info. Also, I have started looking over your book more now. I hope to have some notes to send you soon πŸ™‚

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  3. I might be interested at some point in publishing, although I’m so busy right now that I’m unsure. However, I would not mind being an editor or proofreader. These are proven skills of mine. πŸ™‚

  4. I have professional experience in editing and in book layout, both print and eformats. I’m interested.

  5. Interested!
    English teacher with specialism in coordinating peer review. But it looks like you have proofreading covered. (Or were you thinking serious peer review: fact-checking for nonfiction and such?) Let me know what you end up needing and if I can’t do it, I may be able to find someone who can.

    • ack! sorry I missed this one! Do you have a facebook account soI could invite you to the publishing group. As a warning it may be some dry reading since we are traditional polytheistic authors but if you are looking to contribute and don’t mind reading such things you are more than welcome πŸ™‚

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