Kicking off another month

I truly love the Noumenia and feel that it is one of my favorite days of the month…as I really think it should be as one of the most significant religious days in the domestic calendar. Of course in some sense it is still awckward celebrating the Noumenia in a household that is not yours. For all intensive purposes I amnot a member of the household while I am staying with my mother…I am just kinda *here* temporarily. It is not my home, so at this time I am more or less “homeless”. However, despite having my altar stashed in the garage, and not being able to set my herm and Agyieus stone in the places I want, or the altars themselves, it is still a nice thing to experience the Noumenia. To pour libations over what I am using as my herm, and the lingam that I chose to represent Apollon Agyieus (due largely to its shape that if elongated and considerably larger would have been the perfect replica of the Agyieus stone) of water and milk (I was out of honey). To read the hymns and make my prayers, to enjoy good food, and the blessings upon the household for the day.

And now I am preparing the drain the cup for the Agathos Daimon, and as usual I am just not sure where I want to do it. Logically it seems best to do it at the altar, but another part of me wants to do it on the front porch. Maybe I will do both and pour it into a kylix on the altar which can afterwards be poured across the front porch to drain down into the flowerbed.

As wonderful as the annual festivals are for the gods, there is nothing quite like the domestic rituals for the gods that follow throughout the months in neverending procession. The domestic rituals are the heartbeat of the hellenic religious life and puts us in touch with the most intimate faces of the gods.


2 thoughts on “Kicking off another month

  1. I keep thinking about it and talking about it, and still this is one of the many rituals I’ve dropped that I really want to pick back up. I use ritual in a very loose sense, because my Noumenia rituals were very, very low-key, as most of mine tend to be. But, I miss it. (Apparently not enough to be arsed to remember to observe it, but hey. . . )

    • It is definently one of my favorites! And it doesn’t have to be big and fancy to be very meaningful! Mine are pretty low key too to be honest, mostly just involving offerings to the gods and good food 😉 I find what helps remind me is having a wall calendar that comes premarked with the four major phases of the moon, and have it somewhere that I always see it lol

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