Establishing Apollon Agyieus In Your Home

While usually phallic protruding images often typically get associated with Hermes or Dionysos, we cannot forget that such is also the case of Apollon as Agyieus, god of the roads (which also correlates with ideas of the god who sends people out to their journies, as well as a god of harbors..the receiving destinations..but for now we will just stick with Agyieus and how he is honored in domestic worship.

I have in the past said that I used a large black wooden raven to represent Apollon Agyieus, but have ceased doing so…because whereas I do believe still that the raven has symbolic associations with what is going on, there is very specific purpose towards having the particular image associated with Agyieus…because it is particular. It is not a statue that may vary a bit from here to there. It is a very simple thing…a black, somewhat phallic shaped, curved rock which utterly takes the place of the image of the god. It is not even modified like the herms occassionally have been with partial likenesses of Hermes. It is just a stone unto which offerings were given, and beside which there was the laurel.

Now in ancient times, you know…back in the day when people tended to stick around from generation to generation and not move with wanderlust as many modern folks (myself included) have a tendency to do, this stone was massive…as was the herm, as they were like sentries before the courtyard gate, by whom all had to pass. This is fairly impractical to me with the way things are, at least for myself. I am not a home owner. I don’t have my own yard much less a courtyard…and a great number of people are in situations where they are not living in houses but rather in apartments.

Now one can still have the large herm and agyieus stone if they wanted, but it seems that this would be difficult to fit by the frontdoor, and even you do get it to fit, it may become something of a safety hazard that is continously bumped into and tripped over. There is also the question of where to get it, because not everyone is going to be in the position of being able to find some big chunk of rock meeting their specifications.

Instead, what I recommend, and what I am planning on doing this weekend, is to find a smaller rock. One approximately twice the size of your palm perhaps. This can even be shaped a bit with tools if you like but I prefer to hunt around for one that appeals to me that naturally has something close to the preferred shape to it. It can then be placed in a bowl (which would catch libations that you pour over it since being indoors there won’t be soil to naturally soak overspill up. This then can be placed on a shelf beside the front door entry where it will serve the same purpose, but be more adequate towards cramped living conditions. Ideally the shelf should have a herm and an agyieus stone near the same size perhaps, sharing a shelf together (since rarely are doors position that they have wall to either side of them). This then becomes a very effective shrine in your home, and also one which is nearly invisible because it just looks like rocks to the casual observer’s eye who may step into your entryway.


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