Divine Inspiration

Since apparently there was some massive misinterpretations of my previous post on Oracles I figured that should come out and correct a few possibly preconceived notions (those following my blog for a while this will be nothing new to you really so feel free to nap through it, or maybe there will be something added that I haven’t said before..so maybe a half an eye open wouldn’t be too bad lol). I am not going to go over oracles again…been there and done that. I can sum it up in a couple of sentences: I may be at odds whether oracles are *necessary* (as in something we absolutely must have), but this doesn’t mean that they won’t happen, that they aren’t desirable, or that they can’t exist…or rather that they won’t eventually exist. It is possible that holy areas of oracles will develope and we could see the coming of an actual oracle (place) supervized by a seer (the oracle so named after the place she or he presides).

At this time and place I don’t agree that there are oracles present, as by how I define oracles. I grant that people who define it differently can and will argue otherwise. However I do thing that there are seers and diviners who do what they do because they feel a calling to do it. I don’t begrudge them that, or the people who feel the desire to go to them for advice. Nor do I have any interest in making determinations about seers. It wouldn’t be strange for me to state that I experience divine inspiration from my beloved Apollon, and yet turn around and say divine inspiration doesn’t exist. It is up to the person who is consulting the seer to determine for themselves if they are getting something genuine or not, while keeping in mind that the ambiguity of the gods means that much of the interpretation you are going to be doing for youself. Likewise when I say that a sacred area is one that is established and recognized center, I mean only that it is an area judged by a local community to be sacred to the god in question and established there by said community. And though it would be wonderful if such a thing could happen in the ancient oracles, it doesn’t mean that it can’t happen in other parts of the world (I would just advice not trying to transfer an oracle from one place to another…there is only one Delphi, and only one Dodona with their very specific mythos and sacredness. I think we are clever enough a species to be able to come up with something unique).

And this is not a subject that I am entirely ignorant of. In my youth I had acquitances who did readings for me (I had three card readings and an aura reading all before my 24th birthday), and even spoke once to a seer. But I realized that these things were not necessary for me. They confirmed what I was already knowing, what I was already inspired with and understood. I began to trust myself and have no need or desire to do consulting. Therefore in favor of seers I can say that they made me a bit more confident in trusting myself in these matters. There is a difference between what I am saying about how the word oracle is being used, and what I understand of seers and diviners. That I dispute how the word is being used doesn’t mean that I don’t believe such forms of divine inspiration exist.

So, having (hopefully) clarified that a bit more, I would like to take the rest of this post to speak of divine inspiration in general and how it manifests in my life. I don’t make claims of being a seer of any kind, but I do have plentiful experience with divine inspiration. In my previous post on the power of word I had spoken at length about how this inspiration for my poetry flows through my mind in almost a magical manner, and being itself, each word, full of color, beautiful, a kind of shinyness. There is no real words to describe it, and then the feeling I get on a physical level..the bliss that I experience there is no word for. Therefore when I get flashes of inspiration that tends to model on similar sensors I have developed a kind of recognition for what is being inspired and how it is informing what I understand. It is this same quality that edges around the flashes of pictures in my mind which ends up becoming developed into my best devotional peices of art. It is that touch with the inspiration flowing from Apollon that I cherish whenever it occurs, and it is something personal, a gift for me that I share. In this sense I can understand how seers feel compelled to share their gift, because I do the same. I share the images I do my best to recreate (and this comes from a great many years since childhood frustrating myself with not being able to perfectly recreate them…I used to throw fits when I was very small and my unskilled hand did such a poor imitation of what I saw so clearly lol). I also post and publish my poetry that others may have access to them and experience it, however inadequately I may capture it at times heh (because the poems are not inspired in full peices but bits that I have to joint together and flesh out). So I do understand these things on this level.

There of course things which work to focus my mind to a clearer level. I like scrying for this. I don’t particularly use scrying for a form of divination exactly (though I do like to light a candle and watch the reflection of the light and olive oil in the water and see what patterns form), but this serves mostly to focus my mind. This has been a very helpful tool particularly for dream retention and more focused episodes of dreaming from which I have gained inspiration in the past. Dreaming is of course in a different nature than what I have described above, but it is a facet that fascinates me. So much so that I once had a long term dialogue with a forming dreaming society (from the days where I was looking more into my Blackfoot heritage), but I wasn’t inclined to turn away from my gods and embrace the Blackfoot spirituality and so I eventually ended up parting ways with it.

Meanwhile divination is an interesting tool which I really do feel can be used by anyone (as I have discussed before in a post) because it operates (as I said before) on the untapped knowledge of the soul in order to inspire its memory and therefore can inform your conscious self ((via the opperation of imagination) of what your journey is, and by explaining symbols a diviner who is more skilled can help their client tap into their own knowledge of their spiritual journey. To this extant I use devices of divination. I enjoy the use of dice and tarot for divining in purposes of clarification on some point or another. I have done this for others on a few occassions, but again I don’t feel this to be a part of my spiritual calling. Yet perhaps one of my favorites that I developed a fondness for was the reading of coffee grounds from Greek coffee. There are a multitude of different techniques that can be learned if one desires to. I content myself with a handful because I just don’t have the patience to try and learn a wide variety. I mean this is coming from a person who once jokingly threatened to use a magic 8 ball in lieu of diving dice because it seemed to serve much of the same purpose lol. I am something of a believer in KISS (keep it simple stupid), and so try not to undertake more than what I feel that I personally need to get by. I very rarely turn to divination, as I do function more on the basis of direct inspiration (and alot of my thoughts I have developed and shared in my blog…you know the actually thought out ones about the gods, not the me mummbling to myself ones….have been products of some fashion of inspiration. Perhaps not the entirity, but a significant part usually is the core of inspiration around which the rest materializes.

And that is how divine inspiration takes form in my life.


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