Honoring Hermes

Sometimes there are gods that enter into your life and receive especial honor, not so much because they are gods that you are particularly attracted to, but rather it is a more focused and devoted worship that is beneficial to your life in general. This was the case with Aphrodite, and the establishment of her shrine in order to improve some aspects of my life that I felt she was impacting. This also proves to be true of Hermes as of recent.

For some time I have established his worship in my oikos as regular daily worship in his place at the doorway with Apollon Agyieus, but aside from my daily prayers to all the Olympians collectively, this was the summation of my interaction with this god. There were many things I appreciated about him in his cultus, in his myths, and how he was portrayed by poets that often made me smile if not laugh aloud. In fact, most of my mental engagment of him where in areas where he and Apollon shared a certain closeness in that Apollon possesses the flute and kithara of Hermes, and Hermes possesses Apollon’s bullwhip and wand. Therefore I had a great academic interest in Hermes due largely to his relationship to the god that I love.  I just did not click with Hermes and therefore did only the basics in his honor that are part of a normal regular domestic worship and in important festivals (such as the Anthesteria). The only statue I possess of him, for that manner, is a charming bronze of the god seated in a relaxed posture as if he were strapping on his winged sandals, a lovely small statue given to me years ago.

However, now that I am starting in work in transportation, specifically passenger transportation, it has now brought a situation which stimulates a relationship between myself and Hermes. Because of this new job I am focusing more on Apollon Agyieus for his rulership of the road, and Hermes who protects travelers particularly. Yes the same two gods who are honored at the entrance of my home are now essentially going everywhere with me lol. I am even drafting in my mind some small charm I may want to create out of clay and cast which features Hermes and Apollon together that I can keep with me when traveling on duty.

Aside from this charm though, I am going to make more focus at the doorway shrine, do more with it and make it more prominent in my home. I am torn between whether to just expand his shrine at the doorway that he shares with Apollon Agyieus (whichwould also be a good place to leave said charm when I make it) that my offerings to him are directly symbolically connected with him who is traveling about with me as I leave the house to perform my duties on the road in transportation, or if I should leave the entry shrine to Apollon and Hermes alone and make a seperate shrine to Hermes just as I have a seperate shrine of Apollon.

I am not even entirely sure what I will include in a greater worship and recognition of Hermes. With Aphrodite it doesn’t amount to much more than a monthly libation and celebration of her important festivals. But, it seems like Hermes may very well be a more pertinent figure in my daily life and therefore I may want to do a bit more than what I do for Aphrodite. This of course is going to require expanding my knowledge on Hermes since of all the Olympians, aside from his connections to Apollon,he is one that I know very little about. This should make for a rather interesting personal journey in my religious/spiritual life 🙂


6 thoughts on “Honoring Hermes

  1. My first inspiration for designing sock patterns came from Hermes. I have rewritten the pattern numerous times and refuse to release it until it is just right. He is a tricky one to represent, but the staff and wings are prominent in all the design choices I have made. I look forward to hearing what you end up doing for him.

  2. I hope you’ll post more about Hermes as time goes on. He started to poke at me a little last fall, then again when I was in California last month. I am trying to make time to learn more about Him, but see the post about frustration. Ah well, one day soon I truly hope, before He gets impatient.


  3. Good day! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be okay. I’m undoubtedly enjoying Honoring Hermes | Beloved in Light and look forward to new posts…

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