Worship on the go

Whenever I am in a position of moving there is something that I miss about not being settled and that is that I do have the full access to my religious belongings. That is not to say I can’t make due on very little. In fact all of my small statues fit quit snuggly in a small bag together without an issue for worship on the god, but rather I miss the small things that one takes for granted…the sturdy altar, the beautiful adornment of the shrines. The things that really make a home a home. Instead I have an assortment of small statues I can bring out and whatever small items that I have space to accompany them and make a worship that by necessity tends to be fireless, and settling for libations rather than the perfumed smokes of frankincense raising on the air. On the other hand there is something quite nice to having your worship with you…statues that can be set out lovingly with prayers offered and then packed again when it is time to move on. In some respects this makes me wish that I had more metal statues rather than just the iron Apollon I got from Delphi and the small bronze Hermes. I do have twinges of anxiety that perhaps one of the other statues didn’t get wrapped well enough and possible broke…though it has yet to happen. It is almost a marvel though when I can see the very essentials of my religious life fitting quite portably in a mini-backpack. And for this purpose they are always present with me.


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