ladies of the veil

(once again courtesy of the cellphone)

It has come to my attention that more and more polythestic women are coming out and proudly incorporating headscarves into their wardrobe. An activity that has a long recent history of being associated with Islam and strict sects of Christianity and Judaism is now being reclaimed by many ladies who honor the gods. It is all so very exciting really, especially considering how in this day and age the practice of veiling is looked down on as an activity of supression by so many people, and as a relic of the past. Yet the headscarf has a beautiful and noble history worldwide in its various fashions (and is so much more comfortable than a hat which covers less and doesn’t let the scalp breathe so well) that can be embraced by any woman who desires to take up the cloth whether it be for modesty, personal privacy, or spiritual reasoning. We know among the romans that veiling for spiritual purposes was under taken by men and women…the former of which would fold the end of their toga over their heads when engaged in prayer. Likewise in Hellenismos it was rather common for the hair of women to be bound up, and loosened under conditions which are called in specific rites of mourning.

Therefore polytheistic ladies should not feel afraid to veil their hair if they are called to do so (amittedly perhaps only a few in any sizable population may feel such a need) out of some misplaced idea that they are stealing another religious and cultural identity…for that is not the case.  It is not a practice restricted to any of the Abrahamic faiths. There is a long history of women covering their heads in various parts of the world from ancient times into more modern eras (let us not forget that the wimple was used not THAT long ago). This is because it is a practical application of clothing that has evolved which serves a purpose. First it is a protective peice of clothing, this is especially important in the summer when the sun is beating down..and for us fair skinned ladies it is also helpful in avoiding more painful sunburns. Second, it is clean. Despite what some may think headscarves are clean and kept washed and laundered. It is not only more sanitary for our daily activities which may require the handling of food, but also keeps the hair cleaner. This would have been particularly important when washing one’s hair didn’t occur as often as one would have liked.

Therefore ladies, if you feel the desire to veil your hair know you are in perfect right to do so, and do so proudly!


2 thoughts on “ladies of the veil

  1. I am both awed that 1) there are so many pagans who cover, for whatever reason and 2) that you can type a whole post via the cellphone! The thought makes me shudder.

    I’m not big on accessorizing, but I love my scarves! And I love seeing what others do with them, too.

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