A prayer for healing

I composed this specifically for a dear sister who is undergoing surgery, but I wanted to share it that others may like to adapt for those that they love and care about who are ill or having surgery done, etc.

Dina, blessed are you who dwell in embrace
Of Asklepios, bestower of Apollon’s grace
May they now enfold you in their tender care
And deliver you to happy Hygeia, the fair,
That illness may be naught but a dim memory
As their healing winds may blow ever kindly
So the balance of your health be restored
Under the blessed purification they so afford.

O Apollon, you raiser of the harmonic chord
With Asklepios, the great doctor in concord,
You to whom the rejuvinating serpent is dear
You to whom all oaths of medicine so adhere
To your discipline, crush now this illness
By sword and rod until it lay in stillness
Beneath your tred, and by your blessed wind
Bear forth the brimming cup Hygeia ever lends.


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